20181206:  Steven Kanji Ruhl (Shana Sureck Photography)

Kanji will be facilitating a retreat at the Omega Institute, August 25-30, 2019 — information below, and here is the registration link:

The Whole Earth is Medicine: A Five-Day Zen Meditation Retreat

with Rev. Steve Kanji Ruhl

Engage stillness and silence, be attentive to what arises, and experience openings into your natural wholeness.

“Yun Men, teaching his community, said, ‘Medicine and disease subdue each other: the whole earth is medicine; what is your self?’” This Zen Buddhist koan appears in the ancient Chinese collection of The Blue Cliff Record, and we’ll use it as a touchstone, returning to it as we sit in frequent periods of silent zazen meditation or walk in kinhin meditation outdoors in Omega’s beautiful surroundings. Reverend Kanji will offer dharma talks inviting you to explore deeply: How do we experience the whole earth as medicine? What does it mean when we say that medicine and disease subdue each other? What is the source of dis-ease? What is authentic healing? And the ultimate question: What is your self? Come for five days of serenity, of challenge, and of awakening to your life.


Kanji also is teaching a workshop at THE ROWE CENTER during the weekend of January 25-27, 2019:

Zen and the Art of Difficult Emotions: Continuing Education for Spiritual Guides

Register by Clicking Here 

Whatever your spiritual tradition may be, join Kanji for this experiential weekend of Buddhist-influenced techniques that can help your clients work with their challenging emotions — and can help you work with your own.

Stress. Anxiety. Chronic anger. Fear. Grief. Shame. Self-judgment. Often people who come to you for spiritual guidance may reveal that they’re struggling with difficult emotions. What practices can you offer them? What can you do when you’re working with a difficult emotion yourself? This workshop will emphasize learning by doing, and you’ll practice wonderful techniques adapted from Buddhism that will strengthen your skills as a spiritual guide or director, help you better serve clients in need, and enhance your own life. You’ll participate in practices such as “Feed Your Demons,” RAIN (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Non-identify), body scanning, shikantaza meditation, and more. You’ll balance these activities with silent reflection, journaling, and group sharing, and Kanji will lead deep inquiry into the energetic nature and functioning of difficult emotions. When one of these challenging emotional states arises in the future, for a client or yourself, you’ll have effective training and tools for working with it skillfully.